AB6IX’s Donghyun Flirts With MAMAMOO’s Wheein By Asking Her To Compare The Size Of Their Hands

They had such fantastic chemistry with each other.

AB6IX‘s Donghyun and MAMAMOO‘s Wheein recently participated in the SELF-ON KODE web series on the KODE 코드 YouTube channel. The show’s premise was simple. Two anonymous people would get to know each other through private messages while separated by a divider only a few meters apart.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein (left) with AB6IX’s Donghyun (right) | KODE 코드/YouTube

Their conversation was cute, innocent, and flirty. They slowly got to know each other by asking questions about their usernames, “Butterfly” for Wheein and “Son of Daejeon” for Donghyun.

The two idols quickly hit it off and began speaking informally like real friends.

Donghyun even asked Wheein to go to a karaoke bar together! Although she hesitated for a moment, Wheein did agree to go with him in the end.

Perhaps the most intense moment of the entire video was when Wheein asked Donghyun how big his hands were. After claiming his hands were huge, Donghyun offered to take a picture of his hand as proof.

When Wheein said she had tiny hands and feet, Donghyun smoothly transitioned by asking her if she wanted to compare hands by reaching around the wall. It was a heart-pounding moment for both of them.

Donghyun was surprised by how petite Wheein was and assumed she was younger than him, while Wheein shyly worried about how cold her hand was when Donghyun touched her.

It was an adorable, sweet moment between the two idols, who enjoyed the short time they spent with each other.

Watch the full episode of SELF-ON KODE with AB6IX’s Donghyun and MAMAMOO’s Wheein below! They reach out for each other’s hands at the 6:02 mark.

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