AB6IX Explains Why They Chose To Debut With a Non-Hip-Hop Track

Many thought they would release a hip-hop track.

BRANDNEW MUSIC‘s newest boy group AB6IX has officially debuted and has held their showcase. The group consists of former WANNA ONE member’s Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin as well as the MXM members Kim Donghyun and Im Youngmin. Their fifth member is Jeong Woong, who was revealed last and as a surprise to the fans.

Their title track, “BREATHE”, was composed by Lee Daehwi and the lyrics were all written by the members. The song talks about chasing your dreams while in your youth.

Many people had thought they would release a hip-hop track since artists under BRANDNEW MUSIC were usually involved in that genre. Daehwi, who composed the song, said he didn’t want to be so obvious. He chose a song that wasn’t hip-hop to give the public an element of surprise.

The music video has recently been released to YouTube, and many note that the song is of the pop genre and leans towards a retro vibe.

Source: Naver

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