AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi Reveals How Difficult It Is For Him To Share His Feelings

“I’m bad at opening up about my feelings.”

Recently, AB6IX filmed a YouTube video for Dingo Music. During Daehwi‘s interview portion, the members revealed that Daehwi doesn’t reveal his feelings and tends to keep secrets. Daehwi confirmed this, agreeing with their statements.

He explained that he pretends to be very confident, but he keeps a lot of secrets because he’s bad at opening up about his feelings.

He says that opening up about his feelings are usually never helpful and that his honesty can be used against him. It’s a habit he developed ever since his trainee days and even though the AB6IX members are like family to him, he still finds it difficult to open up and break the habit.

He also brings up WANNA ONE, saying that they did so well and now AB6IX is expected to well too. He is obsessed with doing well on the charts and pressures himself to be the best, even though no one pushes him to do so. He feels a lot of pressure and because of that, he chooses not to open up.

The members had expressed their sadness over Daehwi not opening up. Many hope that Daehwi will slowly start opening up to the boys of AB6IX, and are understanding over the reason as to why he is like this.

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