AB6IX’s Special Surprise During SBS Super Concert Has Resurfaced And It Will Make Your Wannable Heart Full

Video from the event recently resurfaced and is guaranteed to make you melt:

At the beginning of July, AB6IX gave a jaw-dropping performance at the SBS Super Concert in Hong Kong. After dazzling fans onstage, they got their very own special surprise that made fans everywhere melt at the time. Now a video of their surprise has recently resurfaced and it is guaranteed to make your Wannable heart full.


The SBS Super Concert in Hong Kong had its official broadcast on television on August 2nd and when fans saw the ending ment from the concert, well, they couldn’t help but melt once again!


Because during the ending ment, AB6IX, especially Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi, were surprised with heartwarming messages of encouragement from their former Wanna One groupmates Ong Seongwu


Lai Kuanlin


And Park Jihoon! And when they saw their former members had prepared a surprise for them Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin were nothing but smiles!


After the concert was aired on television, fans once again couldn’t help melting over the incredibly sweet moment shared between them and many fans felt their hearts fill with all sorts of emotions knowing that the Wanna One members still give their entire love and support to each other even as they embark on their new paths.


Meanwhile, Wanna One’s group anniversary is coming up on August 7 and fans are looking forward to seeing what each of the former Wanna One members does on the special day.

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