If This Clip of AB6IX’s Woong & Youngmin Doesn’t Make You Stan Them, Not Sure What Will

They’re too cute to be true.

There exists a short video clip of the rookie boy group AB6IX‘s Youngmin showing his fellow teammate Woong where to spot their fans, and it is quite possibly the cutest thing on the internet.

AB6IX Members Woong (Left) and Youngmin (Right)


In the clip, Youngmin is spotted pointing to a distance and telling Woong to say hi to the fans there.


Woong notices the fans and immediately starts shooting hearts using his entire body. A fan blurts out, “They’re so cute!” and nothing has ever been more relatable.


Youngmin points to another group of fans located elsewhere – and Woong sends them all his love too! Check out all the cool hearts he can make with his fingers and arms.


Once Woong is done portraying his undying love, Youngmin nods to him in satisfaction and approval, like a proud older brother. Now Woong knows how to find his fans and shower them with air hearts!


Ready to stan these cuties? Check out their “Hollywood” music video below:

Source: AB95IX