AB6IX’s Daehwi And Jeon Somi Share Details About Their Long Warming Friendship

Somi thought Daehwi was a nerd?

AB6IX‘s Daehwi and Jeon Somi are known for being great friends with each other and have shown on multiple occasions their support for each other.

Somi crying after Daehwi was announced a member of WANNA ONE.

They both know each other because they both were once trainees at JYP Entertainment and trained together. Both eventually left the company and went on their own respective career paths. They still catch up all the time and have even been in a CF together.

They both went more in-depth about their friendship on Coca-Cola Journey Carpool. They both have been friends since their days in middle school and have known each other for a big chunk of their lives.

Daehwi’s first impression wasn’t a great one for Somi and even thought that he was a nerd.

Somi’s first impression wasn’t the greatest either due to the aura surrounding her and how she was not an easy person to approach at first.

They both were even able to answer on the spot questions about each other.

They also share some heartwarming details about their friendship. One is how Somi was a big support for Daehwi when he was going through stress during his early days as an idol.

Watch the full video below!