AB6IX’s Park Woojin Becomes A Human Mint Prior To Comeback

IRL mint choco chip.

As many fans now, AB6IX‘s Park Woojin has dyed his hair numerous times ever since his time as a WANNA ONE member. While fans have joked that his scalp must be hurting from the dye, people can’t deny how he manages to suit every hair color he sports.

Now, Woojin is rocking a new hair look: mint green! Many agree that it may be one of his best looks to date, with fans commenting that he’s like a mint choco chip ice cream come to life.

Fans spotted him with the new ‘do during his time in Thailand for KCON. Many are waiting for the group to comeback, especially after they released their remix of “Truth Hurts” with American singer-songwriter Lizzo.

Netizens and fans alike are saying that the color only highlights his handsome charm, showing off his visuals perfectly. Though fans know he’ll probably dye his hair a different color soon, many have hope that this one lasts a little longer.

Source: Pann

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