This Is Absolutely Not A Malicious Anti-Fan Attacking Park Ji Hoon’s Weight

Wanna One’s Park Jihoon revealed his mother began worrying for him after seeing him do something frequently on TV.


Daehwi revealed that Jihoon’s mother had called him to tell him to “stop eating so much” after watching him on television.

She began worrying about his weight after she noticed him eating so much on Wanna One GO.

“My mom was watching my parts on our show but only saw me eating.

She begged me to lose weight.”

— Park Jihoon

Jihoon and Daehwi promised her that they’re “going to exercise for her”.

But the fact is… Park Jihoon’s weighs only 60 kg, so he’s very healthy and doesn’t need to lose weight!

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Fans suspect that his mom is just worried he’ll bring back his chubby cheeks from his time as a child actor.

But fans, on the other hand, think Park Jihoon looks absolutely adorable even with chubby chipmunk cheeks!

At the end of the day, both his mom and his fans only want Jihoon to be healthy as he continues to promote as Wanna One!

Source: Insight