How To Accomplish HyunA’s Daily Makeup Look In Just FIVE Minutes

It’s so easy, you can do it even if you’re in a hurry.

K-Pop idol and style icon HyunA shared her daily makeup routine on her YouTube show HyunA-ing. She told viewers that because she wears makeup roughly 360 out of 365 days of the year when she has days off she prefers not to wear makeup. (And, truth be told, HyunA is so gorgeous, she doesn’t need it!)

That being said because she has so much experience and practice in applying her makeup, HyunA generously shared the steps to accomplishing her lovely day-to-day look.

Step 1: Apply sunscreen

Be sure to pat in your sunscreen well.

Step 2: Apply BB cream or foundation

HyunA is using YSL‘s All Hours Cushion Foundation in #10.

She shares that her makeup artists often express concern for whether she treats her skin too harshly, but she loves the pa pa pa sound of the sponge tapping her skin!

Step 3: Contour

HyunA admits she’s lazy to contour (not that she needs to, honestly) so she just runs the brush along the sides of her face and jawline.

She says although she does it quickly, it’s important to make sure you blend well.

If you feel like it, you can also add some contour to your hairline, nose, and lip area.

And with that, base makeup is now complete!

Step 4: Apply lip makeup

HyunA loves red lips, and as YSL’s global ambassador, it stands to reason that she’d use a red YSL lippie!

A helpful makeup tip from the makeup queen herself is to apply the color to your bottom lip only and smack your lips together to transfer it to the top lip!

Step 5: Apply blush

HyunA uses highlighter as blush, which is honestly just super genius.

She advises putting blusher/highlighter closer to your eyes for a lovelier look.

Using whatever is leftover on the brush, she connects her cheeks by adding some over the bridge of her nose.

Step 5: Flatter certain features using highlighter

Using the same highlighter you were using earlier, you can finish up your makeup look by accentuating and flattering certain features.

In HyunA’s case, she uses the highlighter to flatter her forehead.

She also added a bit to her Cupid’s bow and chin.

Step 6: Eyebrows

HyunA recently learned to do her eyebrows on her own…

… And she shares that her makeup artist must feel very worried watching her do it on her own the first time. First, she fills in her brows with a lighter color…

… And while that is enough for most people, she prefers her brows to be a bit thicker on one end…

… So she takes the time to draw them a little thicker.

Here’s what her brows look like when she’s done:

She told viewers that she feels thicker brows help balance her cheekbones.

Step 7: Touch your face up with any leftover powder

HyunA literally picks up the same brush she used earlier to touch up parts of her face to make sure she covered all her bases. (Even without this step, she looks absolutely flawless!)

And… tada! That’s it! 🎉

Because she was walking us through her routine, it took her much longer than it normally does, but she told viewers this look can be accomplished in just FIVE MINUTES! That’s right, it will only take 5 minutes out of your day to follow Queen HyunA’s daily makeup routine.