According To This Video Lisa And Bobby Might Be YG’s Newest Unit

With every new generation of idols, comes a new generation of icons, collaborations, rivalry, and duos.

It appears that YG Entertainment may have already begun to establish their new duo. On November 28th, YG released NONAGON‘s  2017 SS ‘THE VOID’ featuring iKON‘s Bobby and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. With edgy aesthetics and heavy vibes, the video shows great chemistry between the two.

This collaboration between Bobby and Lisa seems very reminiscent of the G-Dragon & CL collaborations that have occurred throughout the years.

Bobby has established himself as a talented artist in YG with his own songs and solo debut. It could very well be that he will become YG’s next iconic male after G-Dragon. Lisa, despite her rookie status, has already shown herself to be quite the charismatic and chic rapper. Her style is very reminiscent of CL’s own persona within 2NE1.

There’s definitely a lot of potential within these two idols. It’ll be interesting to see if YG does further this collaboration between the two into a more musical connection.