According To TREASURE’s Haruto, Boy Band Members Don’t Fart

Jeongwoo literally can’t even with him 🤣

During the fourth episode of the second season of their mini-series with LINE FRIENDS, TREASURE‘s Haruto and Jeongwoo sat down at the studio and answered questions from Teumes about their TRUZ cartoon characters, Ruru and Woopy.

However, things got a little strange when one of their fans asked about a very interesting habit that the lovable marshmallow Ruru possesses.

(reading) When Ruru goes in hot chocolate it keeps farting. What did you feed him so much that he keeps farting?

— Jeongwoo

Haruto laughed for a second, completely caught off guard by the humorous question. But almost immediately after, he was able to quickly compose himself and answer in a serious manner… at least until he pinned the farts on his fellow member as well!

I gave him sweet potatoes. So I assume now that it’s a sweet-potato-scented hot chocolate. But you fart often too, Jeongwoo.

— Haruto

Absolutely shook by his response, Jeongwoo got a little shy about Haruto’s accusation before turning it right back on him!

Jeongwoo: You’re not supposed to say…

Haruto: No, it’s okay!

Jeongwoo: Don’t YOU fart?

And at that moment, Haruto surprised everyone with his deadpan response:

No, I’m a member of a boy band.

— Haruto

But despite Haruto’s claim, Jihoon put the rumors to rest once and for all on Weverse later that day:

You can watch Haruto and Jeongwoo’s entire video here: