A.C.E’s Byeongkwan Shared A Story About His Friendship With GOT7 And It Will Melt Your Heart

Choices and IGOT7’s have been celebrating their cute friendship:

A.C.E‘s Byeongkwan had everyone’s heart melting with a very sweet story about a recent interaction he had with GOT7.


Byeongkwan and GOT7 go way back. In fact, Yugyeom and Byeongkwan learned to dance together when they were in middle school and have been friends since. Because of their busy schedules, however, they don’t have many opportunities to interact. In fact, Byeonkwan hadn’t seen Yugyeom or GOT7 in such a long time that he didn’t think they would remember him!


During a recent livestream, Byeongkwan told fans a very sweet story about his latest interaction with GOT7. He revealed that although he didn’t think they would remember him since they hadn’t met in a long time, as soon as Jackson saw him he immediately greeted him warmly!

I met Yugyeom sunbaenim for the first time in a long time. We attended the same dance school together when I first started dancing. I met him and GOT7 after a long time so I didn’t expect them to remember me but Jackson hyung welcomed me warmly and even went ‘Oh Byeongkwan!’

— Byeongkwan


Byeongkwan then revealed that although it’s been years since he’s seen then, they all remembered him and shared a very sweet moment together.

Because I hadn’t seen them for 4 or 5 years I didn’t expect them to remember me but Mark hyung and Jackson hyung greeted me so warmly. They all remembered me and welcomed me! It was really nice!

— Byeongkwan


Choices and IGOT7’s have been loving the cute story and are falling in love with their friendship.


Here’s hoping to even more cute and sweet interactions between them in the future! Listen to Byeongkwan relive the interaction at the 9-minute and 10-second mark in the video below!