A.C.E’s Jun Reveals Why It Meant So Much To The Group To Release An OST For The BL K-Drama “Light On Me”

A.C.E has always been advocates of the LGBTQ+ community!

Although there has been a rise in the popularity of BL (Boys’ Love) dramas across Asia, in Korea, there still isn’t the same prominence in South Korea. With films and K-Dramas such as Color RushWish You, and many more, it seems as if BL is starting to make its way into an industry where there is still a lack of LGBTQ+ representation.

With stars including former Produce 101 idol Lee Saeon and Start-Up actor Kang Yoo Seok, BL K-Drama Light On Me follows Taekyung, who is described as an outsider who falls in love.

Many fans have also noticed that one of the track’s on the series’ OST (original soundtrack) has been sung by K-Pop idol group A.C.E. Although it is not uncommon for idols to sing OSTs for K-Dramas, it isn’t seen as often in BL dramas. 

The members of A.C.E | @official_ACE7/ Twitter

In an interview with Teen Vogue magazine, leader Jun revealed why the group was so eager to be involved in the project and, for them, it is about embracing and respecting everyone.

Just like how all of our fans, CHOICE, are different in their own special ways, we know that there [are] a range of different ways to love among all kinds of people in this world which we acknowledge and respect.

— Jun

A.C.E’s leader Jun | @official_ACE7/ Twitter

Jun also explained what he hopes viewers of the show and K-Pop fans can take away from the track and how he wants it to be a symbol to help break down prejudices.

It was really exciting for A.C.E to be able to contribute ‘SPARK’ as the first song to the Light On Me original television soundtrack, as the listener can hear us detail the unique and intense moment when a new romance is taking over someone’s body. We hope that listeners enjoy ‘SPARK’ and also hope BL dramas like Light On Me and others in the future can help break down prejudices and create a more equal world for all.

— Jun

| KOK (King Of Korean-drama) TV/ YouTube 

Yet, it isn’t the first time A.C.E has shown their support for the LGBTQ+ community since debuting. Fans praised the group for being advocates of the community through their clothing, donating to charities, and through their livestreams. The members have been breaking down prejudices for a long time.

After the interview was released, fans of the group went on social media to share their pride at seeing A.C.E continue to shine and break down barriers in K-Pop!

You can watch the music video for the OST below.

Source: Teen Vogue