A.C.E Reveals Which Members Are The Strictest When It Comes To Practicing

There will be no sloppy performances under their watch.

During their appearance on After School Club, A.C.E talked about how practicing for a comeback usually goes for them. They said that depending on how the practices go they can practice one song at least 300 times. This started out as a joke, but then Donghun revealed that with these two members in charge of practices, they just might have to practice that much.

Those two members were Byeongkwan and Jun.

Byeongkwan is the main performer of the group, so he makes sure that the choreography is absolutely flawless before he’s satisfied.

Jun is the leader of the group, so he oversees the “big picture”. Even more than the dance, Jun makes sure every minor detail is just right.

With these two in charge, A.C.E always shows amazing performances that earned them the title of “Peformance Master”. Watch their full segment on After School Club below: