You Too Can Achieve TWICE’s “Feel Special” Kind Of Glowing Look At Home

Find out how you can shine like Sana.

In a recent interview with Allure Korea, TWICE‘s make-up artist Won Jung Yo revealed the secret behind how she made the members’ skin glow so beautifully in the “Feel Special” MV.


In the glitz & glam “Feel Special” music video, TWICE members all have flawless skin — highlighted to the perfect tone of brightness that is glowing but not glossy.

I wanted to make the members look elegant, by adding some moisturized and glowing texture to their skin tones.

— Won Jung Yo


Won Jung Yo shared her beauty tip on how to create that matte glow, commenting that it was “satisfying for her to see” on TWICE members too. The trick, she revealed…

There is a difference to a glossiness and brightness. And we want the glowing brightness, which can be achieved by highlighting.

— Won Jung Yo


… is liquid highlighter!

If your natural skin tone is on the darker side, try the champagne colored highlighter. It’s going to make a difference.

— Won Jung Yo


The key, according to the make-up artist, is to apply a thin layer of white or champagne-colored liquid highlighter around the eyes and on the nose.


In addition, Won Jung Yo warned that highlighting the forehead could make the face seem sweaty or oily. She pointed out that the highlighter should really be focused on the mid-zone of the face.

So once you’re done with your basic foundation routine, as your very last step, you can add the highlighter… Don’t over apply. Just a small amount will still get you the look.

— Won Jung Yo


Sounds like with this easy-peasy application of liquid highlighter, ONCEs could definitely try glowing up like TWICE at home too!


Watch the full video here: