Actor Gong Yoo Uploads Photos From His Trip To London — And Fans Adore His Silliness

His posts show a different side of him.

Actor Gong Yoo uploaded a series of Instagram photos showing him having a blast in London.

Gong Yoo | @gongyoo_official/Instagram

He visited a bookstore and took some aesthetic Instagram-worthy photos, peering into the glass.

| @gongyoo_official/Instagram

He also cheesed in the middle of the street, showing a beautiful London backdrop and his beautiful side profile.

| @gongyoo_official/Instagram

He even visited Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the home stadium to soccer player Son Heung Min and his team, Tottenham Hotspur.

He also took some mirror and car selfies with his travel buddies, of course.

He even ate a delicious-looking burger with a side of fries.

Then he worked out at the gym—perhaps to burn off that burger and fries.

He pranced around in a hallway.

Then Gong Yoo posted a photo of him “knocked out” on the couch, holding a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky.

Then it became a game of “Find the Difference” when he uploaded the same picture but with his beanie off.

Fans appreciated his humor and fun vibes.

Silly or not, Gong Yoo’s Instagram updates are welcome anytime.

Source: @gongyoo_official and @gongyoo_official