Actor Im Si Wan Stuns With His Duality In Latest Acting Roles

He can genuinely pull off any role.

Im Si Wan has been praised for his acting skills since his debut but has reached a new level with his duality in his latest two roles.

Im Si Wan

He recently became a hot topic for playing a serial killer in Netflix‘s film Unlocked, a Korean adaption of Akira Teshigawara‘s Japanese novel Stolen Identity.

| Netflix

Not only did the movie top the platform’s rankings, but viewers praised Im Si Wan for playing the role so well that they were creeped out by the character. It impressed them even more when considering the acting role he’d taken on right before.

Right before filming Unlocked, Im Si Wan played a character who was the complete opposite. Starring alongside Seolhyun in the romance K-drama Summer Strike, he took on the role of a charmingly introverted librarian who was also a math genius. From his warm smile and long hair, fans couldn’t get over the transition.

Fans were shocked by Im Si Wan’s ability to effortlessly go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Im Si Wan truly has the duality to do it all. He even manages to show off his smooth dance moves from ZE:A as well, alongside Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung.


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