Idol-Turned-Actor Im Si Wan Responds To Being WayV Winwin’s Lookalike

Fans thought it for years, so here’s what Si Wan said about it in his latest IG live.

Before Im Si Wan hit it big as an actor, he started off where few rising actors can shed their past images from. He promoted as an idol in the group Z:EA, which debuted in 2010 and has yet to officially disband.

From the time Winwin was part of SM Rookies, before his debut in NCT 127, his visuals instantly reminded fans of Si Wan.

| @nxtgentay/Twitter

Si Wan and Winwin looked so similar that they could nearly pass as the same person from the right angles. In fact, they were even almost mistaken for each other once by another idol.

During NCT 127’s appearance on A Song For You, Super Junior‘s Ryeowook thought he was looking as Si Wan instead of Winwin. He said, “He looks like Si Wan…Im Si Wan. I thought he was Si Wan. I was in the military with Si Wan.”

The resemblance between the two hasn’t been forgotten years later and brought up during Si Wan’s latest Instagram live.

He read the comment aloud and agreed, “You look like NCT’s Winwin. I know.” Although he’s probably heard that same comment more times than anyone can count, he wasn’t phased by it. Instead, he viewed it positively.

Hearing the compliment made him smile. Si Wan praised Winwin’s visuals and thanked the fan for seeing the similarities between them. “He’s so handsome. Thank you.”

Since he hadn’t responded about it before, fans were pleased to know he knew Winwin and approved of his lookalike. Watch Si Wan adorably answer the question here.