Actor Jo Jae Hyun Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Actress Choi Yul

With #MeToo movement going strong in Korea, another actor has been exposed of his actions.

On February 23rd, actress Choi Yul put up a questionable post on her Instagram, accusing actor Jo Jae Hyun of sexual harassment.

This reveal came a day after a Korean press released news stating “Well known actor and theater director J is being accused of sexual harassment for making unwanted physical contact and kissing a female staff.”


Choi Yul stated in the now deleted post, “I’ve been waiting for you to get exposed.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to get exposed
This day came a lot faster than I thought
This is only the beginning. There are so many more trashy beings still left.
I have too much to lose to say anything more
but until we get rid of all the perverts #metoo #withyou”

She tagged #metoo and #withyou, a movement that is sweeping the Korean entertainment industry with countless sexual harassment and assault allegations.


When the Instagram post quickly went viral and received attention, Choi Yul deleted the post and switched her Instagram account to be private.

Since the reveal, in an interview with another Korea press, Choi said, “I think it’s better that I don’t say anything. I’m sorry.”


Meanwhile, News Room aired an interview with another anonymous actress who had previously worked with Jo. She gave a much more detailed description of Jo’s harassment.

“Whenever I sat alone, Jo would come and grab me from behind. It happened all the time.”
– Anonymous

“The head of the acting group told me to forget about everything that has happened there. He offered me money.”
– Anonymous


Actor Jo Jae Hyun’s agency stated the matters have to be fact checked first, before they can speak on Jo’s behalf.

#MeToo movement has been slowly but surely changing South Korea, as more female professionals in all fields speak up about the industry’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Source: Dispatch, The Fact, News Daily and JTBC