Actor Jung Il Woo Reveals How He Lost 29lbs In 20 Days

He has extreme determination!

Actor Jung Il Woo recently participated in an interview with Access Showbiz Tonight and revealed how he lost 29lbs in just 20 days.

On June 11th’s episode, Jung Il Woo revealed that he had gained a lot of weight during his alternative military service period. While he was always on the slim side before enlisting in his mandatory service…


He did seem to have put on a little weight after, which made him look even happier.


Despite the fact that he still looked amazing, due to his work, Jung Il Woo revealed that he lost 13kg (~29lbs) in 20 days.


He explained that he went to the gym without eating in the mornings, had sweet potato or chicken breast for lunch and then went to work out again. He apparently did this again and again for 20 days.


He joked that the pay he received (for his work) made it possible. Check out more of Jung Il Woo’s interview below:

Source: Naver TV