Actor Kim Jae Wook’s Official ID Photo Resurfaced Online and Now It’s Going Viral

What did you expect?

Kim Jae Wook is currently starring in the tvN drama, Her Private Life, in which he plays a cold character that shows moments of sweetness from time to time.

As a result of his current popularity from the drama, his past official identification photo resurfaced in online communities as if netizens are looking for ways to validate the attention he’s been receiving.

Official identification photos are commonly known as something that manages to draw out the worst features of a person’s face.

Despite that belief, Kim Jae Wook managed to look like a complete model in his.

In the photo, Kim Jae Wook can be seen looking right into the camera with a relatively straight face while wearing a comfortable black t-shirt.

Although he didn’t wear any makeup, he still managed to flaunt his big eyes and sexy lips.

This photo just goes to show that Kim Jae Wook’s dashing good looks are all natural and he actually doesn’t need any makeup or photoshop whatsoever.

Source: Insight