Actor Kim Ji Hoon Takes Heat After A Past Interview About His “Guilty Pleasure” Resurfaces

“What kind of brand new f*ckery is this?”

Back in 2013, actor Kim Ji Hoon was interviewed by the Korean NYLON magazine. In this interview, Kim Ji Hoon tried to charm the readers with his straight-forward, got-nothing-to-hide kind of a personality…

… except his response to one of the questions sparked some intense criticism among the readers. When the interview asked if he has “any guilty pleasures that other people don’t know about”, he answered that he likes to “break traffic laws for thrills”.

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I might be a bit of a reckless driver… I hope this is okay to share. I mean, I’m not harming anyone so I’ll be honest. Like… When my friends ride in my car, they’re caught off guard. They say I’m good at maneuvering the car. I know how to ignore the signals and take short cuts to get to the destination quickly. Sometimes I go straight on a left turn signal… Sometimes I turn left on a straight signal. It thrills me when I can do 30-minute rides in 10 minutes.

— Kim Ji Hoon

When the interview pointed out that his “guilty pleasure” is actually “illegal”, Kim Ji Hoon clarified again that he finds it exciting when he isn’t caught while speeding and/or breaking other rules.

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It’s the thrill of not being caught by the police or by the traffic enforcement cameras. I’m like, ‘Yay! I didn’t get ticketed, I’m not losing money!’ I guess that’s my guilty pleasure, if you can call it a guilty pleasure.

— Kim Ji Hoon

When the interview asked Kim Ji Hoon if it would be okay to publish everything he said, he showed no regrets:

NYLON: Are you sure we can publish everything you said?
Kim Ji Hoon: Yes. It’s not like I said anything I shouldn’t have.
NYLON: Okay then, have you been honest throughout the interview?
Kim Ji Hoon: Yes. I really have.

When this bit from the interview resurfaced, Korean netizens became extremely offended by Kim Ji Hoon’s “recklessness” and criticized him for “being inconsiderate of others.”

Source: NYLON and THEQOO
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