Actor Kim Seon Ho’s Drastic Transformation After Signing With His Current Agency

Which style do you prefer?

You might be more familiar with this sort of Kim Seon Ho

…given that he has built up a friendly and gentle image based on a selective wardrobe of simple cuts and basic colors. His dark hair and straight, floppy bangs also make him look even more like a puppy.

However, prior to joining SALT Entertainment in 2018, he had a rather different style than his usual suave fits.

In fact, during his time as a free agent before signing exclusively with SALT Entertainment, fans were surprised by his comparatively more “street” style. Not only did he rock reddish brown hair…

… he enjoyed wearing many accessories.

It is said that his current company stops him from wearing such accessories to push a more refined image on him.

He was just as handsome back then.

He seemed to be a huge fan of chunky bracelets and rings.

Although his face remains the same, his style sure did a 180! Which Seon Ho do you prefer?