Actor Kim Soo Hyun Shocks Netizens By “Aging Backward” In New Press Photos

“He’s not human…”

Actor Kim Soo Hyun made his television debut in 2007 and has remained a household name for nearly two decades.

The talented actor is currently busy filming for his upcoming K-Drama, Queen Of Tears, which is reportedly set to air later this year.

Kim Soo Hyun | @soohyun_k216/Instagram

Aside from his incredible acting talents, Kim Soo Hyun is also known for his philanthropy, and he is also an awarded taxpayer.

In 2015, Kim Soo Hyun was awarded, along with actor Song Seung Hun and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona, as an exemplary taxpayer at the 49th National Taxpayer’s Day.

His company at the time, KeyEast Entertainment, reported that he privately attended the event.

| @soohyun_k216/Instagram

Kim Soo Hyun was again honored as an exemplary taxpayer this year and was named a 2023 National Tax Service Public Relations ambassador alongside actress Song Ji Hyo.

Song Ji Hyo (left) and Kim Soo Hyun (right) at the 2023 National Tax Service Public Relations Ambassador Appointment Ceremony

While fans praised his admirable example as a taxpaying citizen, they couldn’t help but react to his unreal visuals in photos released from the 2023 National Tax Service Public Relations Ambassador Appointment Ceremony.

Netizens couldn’t get over how youthful Kim Soo Hyun looked; many felt he looked the same as he did when he played Do Min Joon in the 2013 K-Drama, My Love From The Star.

Kim Soo Hyun (left) and Jun Ji Hyun (right) in a promotional photo for “My Love From The Star”
Kim Soo Hyun in “My Love From The Star”

Netizens hilariously concluded that he must not be human due to his unaging visuals, as they shared their disbelief that he looks the same as his show’s character from 10 years ago.

  • “He’s not a human, he’s an alien”
  • “He must not have aged because he’s an alien”
  • “How is he getting even more handsome?”
  • “He looks like Do Min Joon when he cried after breaking the pottery…”
  • “Is he from the stars??”
  • “He looks like Do Min Joon come to life”
  • “Is he really Do Min Joon? Why doesn’t he age…”
Source: Instiz