Kwak Dong Yeon Reveals The Grand Dream He Hopes To Achieve In 10 Years And It’s The Sweetest Thing

His dream really shows how sweet he is as a person!

Actor Kwak Dong Yeon recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar for an intriguing interview where he discussed his latest hit K-Drama, Vincenzo!

While Kwak Dong Yeon made his acting debut back in 2012, the actor has been gaining even more attention from his latest role as Jang Han Seo in the widely popular tvN‘s K-Drama Vincenzo.

Now that Vincenzo is over, Kwak Dong Yeon shared his feelings on its ending and praised his fellow castmates as well as the drama’s directors.

Q: Now that Vincenzo is over, how do you feel?

The entire time I was acting, it was fun and comfortable because of Jo Han Chul. Kim Yeo Jin sunbae-nim was the firm foundation in the center of it all so regardless of what I did as the youngest, it was covered. In addition to that, the love and respect that directors Kim Hee Won and Song Yo Hoon had for the actors made the drama’s level of perfection rise even higher.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

Since the wrap-up of the K-Drama, Kwak Dong Yeon revealed how many people were curious and interested in his villainous character since he was not the typical villain like in most stories.

Q: After appearing in Vincenzo, what are the words you hear the most?

‘Did you say it was a villain role?’ ‘What villain role?!’ He’s a three-dimensional villain character with a twist, so many people seem to have looked at this role as a little unfamiliar and interesting.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

Kwak Dong Yeon showed his appreciation to the drama and those who were able to create such a colorful character!

Thank you to the director and the author for making Chairman Han-Seo Jang full of charm.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

With his long and successful career in acting, Kwak Dong Yeon revealed how he’s changed since his debut.

Q: Compared to the beginning of your debut, what has changed the most?

It is a sense of responsibility. When I was young, I was immersed in the idea of ​​realizing my dreams. Now, the more work I do, the more I want to take time to watch the work steadily and reward my loved ones and fans by providing quality content, rather than my sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

To conclude the interview, Kwak Dong Yeon shared what he wishes to do in 10 years and his answer is more than sweet!

Q: What will Kwak Dong Yeon do in 10 years?

I have a grand dream. Even though they are talented people, they often cannot see the light. I want to do a project that can coexist with such talented people. In other words, I want to become an actor who reaches out to those who have the ability but haven’t got the opportunity. Like the director who chose me and gave me a chance. In 10 years, I will have enough capacity and space to be able to do it, right?

— Kwak Dong Yeon

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Source: Harper's Bazaar