The Fantasy Character Actor Lee Dong Wook Wants To Play Next In A K-Drama

After the grim reaper, he’s ready to try something completely different.

Actor Lee Dong Wook has played many roles throughout his long career, including a few fantasy roles, and has a specific one he’s ready to try out for his next fantasy K-Drama.

Lee Dong Wook for ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed.’

During his interview with ELLE Singapore, they asked Lee Dong Wook if he “could play any fantasy character,” which would it be? He looked back on the characters he’d already played.

Lee Dong Wook had previously played two characters from Korean folklore: the grim reaper from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (also known as Goblin) and the nine-tailed fox from Tale of the Nine Tailed.

Lee Dong Wook pointed out the only fantasy character left and welcomed the challenge. He said, “Therefore, I think vampires are the only ones left.

He was ready to take the role anytime it became available. Lee Dong Wook said, “So if I get to play a fantasy character again, I want to challenge a vampire.

If he could pull off a nine-tailed fox and a grim reaper, Lee Dong Wook would make an amazing vampire.