Actor Lee Dong Wook’s Youthful Visuals Left An MC Shook When Hearing His Age

Lee Dong Wook couldn’t stop laughing.

AOMG singer Meenoi featured actor Lee Dong Wook on an episode of her show Meenoi’s Yorizori. Because of the actor’s youthfully handsome looks, she’d been shocked to find out just how old the actor was.

Actor Lee Dong Wook. | @leedongwook_official/Instagram

Since Lee Dong Wook and Meenoi made plans to go out and eat together, the actor pointed out that “no one is gonna think it’s weird” for the two of them to be seen together. Their age difference would paint a hilarious picture. Lee Dong Wook made Meenoi laugh by saying, “They’d think an uncle is buying his niece some food.

Meenoi’s curiosity was immediately sparked. She couldn’t help asking how old Lee Dong Wook is. He said he was forty-two years young and caused the most unexpectedly hilarious reaction.

Lee Dong Wook and the staff burst into laughter when Meenoi bluntly said, “Reallly? That’s so old.

As the staff continued laughing, Lee Dong Wook was just as amused by Meenoi’s straightforwardness. He couldn’t stop laughing as he said, “I’ve heard many things in my life, but I’ve never heard someone say, ‘I’m so old,’ to my face.

Meenoi kept Lee Dong Wook laughing by saying, “You look so young for your age.” Lee Dong Wook accepted the compliment and the fact that he looked “super young” compared to his close friend comedian Jo Se Ho.

Watch 97-liner Meenoi and Lee Dong Wook’s humorous exchange over his age.