Actor Lee Jong Suk Reveals His Top Two Favorite Character Roles Ever

They’re both from well-known dramas.

Lee Jong Suk has acted in many popular dramas and movies during his career. Out of them all, he revealed which two characters were his favorite roles.

In an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, a fan submitted a question on which of his acting roles topped the list.

Since Lee Jong Suk’s been an actor for over fifteen years, it took him a while to think through all of them. In the end, there were two that stuck out.

The first character he chose was from his 2013 drama with supernatural elements. He said, “Park Soo Ha in ‘I Can Hear Your Voice.’

Park Soo Ha was a high school student who received top tier grades. He also managed to juggle reading minds—after a tragic car accident—and protecting the person who saved him.

The second character that Lee Jong Suk enjoyed was from his 2019 romance drama. He said, “Cha Eun Ho in ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book.’

Cha Eun Ho was a warmhearted writer and editor at the head of a publishing company, who eventually falls for a new female employee.

While Park Soo Ha was on the colder side, Cha Eun Ho was the complete opposite with his warmth. No wonder Lee Jong Suk couldn’t settle on just one for his favorite role.

Check out Lee Jong Suk narrowing down the two favorite characters he’s ever played.

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