Actor Lee Joon Gi Shares How He Gets Through Difficulties And More

He’s an actor who knows how to stay true to himself!

Actor Lee Joon Gi recently shot a pictorial for The Star magazine! The photoshoot took place on Jeju Island, featuring a modern hotel lobby, rustic landscapes, and even a horse! Joon Gi impressed the staff with how well he could ride a horse despite being four or five years since he has last done so. After the pictorial, he sat down for an interview!


It’s my first time back on Jeju Island in about 10 years, so it feels like I’m seeing it fresh. I think it’s become more mystical and beautiful. It feels like I’m able to both work and rest at the same time.

—Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi had received much praise last year for his role in Flower of Evil. He said that he was so grateful for receiving a lot of love from fans and that the K-Drama left a big impression on him. He shared, “…it felt like the first time in a while that I had done a more in-depth and heavier project that still had a warm, humane side. I’m carefully looking over good scripts and thinking about what to do next.


The actor was then asked if he had a spring bucket list! More specifically, if he had any fun plans for the future.

Before COVID-19, I had little interest in traveling. I worried that traveling alone would make me feel lonelier. The times when I would go abroad to meet fans were the happiest trips for me. Now that things like travel have become impossible, I’ve started to miss people and I want to freely roam the world. If the situation improves, then I’d like to go on a trip on my own.

—Lee Joon Gi


He also shared how he gets himself through difficulties (such as COVID-19 and more). He said that he simply thinks about everything that got him to where he is now. He explained, “I remember the values that I hold dear. I remind myself that I need to value myself.

He concluded by expressing just how much he missed his fans and that while we’re all going through a rough time, we will get through it. He added, “I hope that we can meet once again and rejoice. I sincerely thank you for always sending me your love and support.

Source: Newsen
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