Actor Park Si Hoo Takes Intense Heat For His “Sexually Harassing” Comment About His Upcoming K-Drama “The Wind, Cloud And Rain”

“Did he forget his entire scandal…?”

On May 14, 2020 KST, TV Chosun‘s upcoming K-Drama The Wind, Cloud And Rain production team and cast held a press conference to announce and celebrate the show’s premiere.

During this conference, when the host Park Kyung Rim asked the lead actress Go Sung Hee to pick her best scene from the show, the actress hesitated to answer right away…

… claiming, “It is difficult to say because this character is supposed to be veiled and mysterious.

I’m not sure how much I can reveal, so… Maybe someone else can answer this one?

— Go Sung Hee

Then, lead actor Park Si Hoo picked up his microphone and chimed in. He pointed out specifically that Go Sung Hee has a scene in which she “reveals some skin“. He commented, “It’s racy and sexy — and definitely something to look forward to.”

I can’t wait to see it.

— Park Si Hoo

While the actor may have intended the comment to hype up the actress’s gorgeousness to be seen throughout the series, it did not sit well with Korean viewers. Many criticized Park Si Hoo for being rude, inappropriate, and even “sexually harassing” the actress.

Did he think it would be funny if he took Go Sung Hee’s word ‘reveal‘ and use it to talk about her body? Did he forget his entire scandal? Did he mean to say the actress has nothing else to offer but her skin? Does he know we’re in 2020 and sh*t like that is no longer funny?

— Netizen

Especially with Park Si Hoo’s history of having been involved in an alleged rape scandal back in 2013, netizens believe he “should have been even more careful about his words.”

The Wind, Cloud And Rain is set to premiere May 17, 2020.

Source: THEQOO, YouTube and Wikitree