Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Opens Up About Playing A Gigolo In His Latest K-Drama “Lost”

He talked about playing a new character that was different to others he had played before!

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol recently wrapped up filming for his latest K-Drama titled Lost, and gave his thoughts on portraying the role of a gigolo!

Ryu Jun Yeol | @ryusdb/Instagram

In the drama Lost, Ryu Jun Yeol played the role of Kang Jae, a gigolo who tries to find his purpose in life, alongside the female lead character Bu Jung (played by actress Jeon Do Yeon).

Jeon Do Yeon (left) and Ryu Jun Yeol (right) | JTBC

As the filming for the drama conclude recently, the actors all gave their final thoughts on their show and their characters, and Ryu Jun Yeol talked about how close he got to his character, Kang Jae.

Kang Jae is a very typical man in his 20s. Some might say his life has gone astray but he also had problems that any other people in their 20s could have and would endlessly strive to solve them.

Under few circumstances, like his family issue, he goes through suffering which makes his life different from how I spent my 20s… so those differences drew me toward the character.

—Ryu Jun Yeol


He also spoke about the gigolo profession, and shared how he tried not to glamorize the job, but tried to get viewers to empathize with it instead.

I didn’t want to glamorize his job or life. But I just studied my character with a focus on how I can portray him in a way that viewers can empathize with his journey of finding himself and opening up to the world.

—Ryu Jun Yeol


You can watch the trailer for Lost here!

Source: The Korea Times