This Actor’s Two Sons Are Famous As BTS V And Jin’s Doppelgängers And They’ve Grown Up So Well

“BigHit needs to cast them.”

Actor Ryu Jin first introduced his sons, Chan Hyung and Chan Ho, on Dad, Where Are We Going? But now his two boys have grown up to be as handsome as their dad!

Chan Hyung and Chan Ho have actually become well-known as brothers who look like two famous celebrities!

Netizens say they remind them a lot of BTS‘s Jin and V!

“Doesn’t Chan Hyung look like Jin?”

“They each look like BTS’s Jin and V”

“Oh my god… BigHit needs to cast them”

“Literally. As I was scrolling down I thought Chan Hyung looked like Jin and Chan Ho looked like V”

— Netizens

Chan Hyun has similar soft and round features like Jin!

While Chan Ho has a more sculpted, chic visual like V!

Chan Hyung also has an energetic and happy-virus personality similar to Jin.

While Chan Ho and V share the same super-adorable-yet-cool persona!

Can you tell which baby photo is Jin and which is Chan Hyung?

Left: Chan Hyung, Right: Jin

Chan Ho’s baby photos also look a lot similar to V’s!

With his permed hair, Chan Hyung definitely gives off a World-Handsome vibe!

Will Chan Ho grow up to be a fashionista like V?

These two sets of brothers are to die for!

Source: Instiz, Issue Feed and The Qoo