Veteran Actor Sung Dong Il Already Picked Out His Future Daughter-In-Law And She’s A Top Tier Actress

He asked her to “wait” for his son.

Actor Sung Dong Il, who has become a household name in the Korean acting industry, is making headlines for a past comment he made regarding his future daughter-in-law.

Actor Sung Dong Il.

Back in 2015, the actor made an appearance on MBC‘s Section TV Entertainment News to interview with the broadcasting station. Sung Dong Il guested on the program along with Kim Yoo Jung—and it was his sudden confession about the actress that has started to belatedly make headlines.

Actress Kim Yoo Jung (left) with Sung Dong Il (right) on a red carpet | News1

On their episode, the veteran actor talked about Kim Yoo Jung and how they met on the set of New Heart back in 2007. It was following their brief meeting through the K-Drama that Sung Dong Il decided for himself that she would become his future daughter-in-law.

Kim Yoo Jung’s eyes are very pretty. Even now, I have a greed for Kim Yoo Jung. I have been preparing my heart for her and my Joon (Sung Dong Il’s son) to end up together.

— Sung Dong Il for “Section TV Entertainment News”

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He then shared the message he told Kim Yoo Jung regarding Sung Joon, where he asked the actress to wait for his son to grow up.

I told Kim Yoo Jung that I would raise Sung Joon well and to wait for him. I told her that I can’t lose her to anyone else.

— Sung Dong Il

Sung Dong Il and his son, Sung Joon (past photo).

Kim Yoo Jung is currently 22-years-old while Sung Dong Il’s song is only 15-years-old, so there is a bit of an age gap between the two. And while this was all said as a lighthearted joke, we can totally see why the veteran actor would want the actress as his daughter-in-law!

Actress Kim Yoo Jung.

In related news, Sung Dong Il has been cast in the upcoming K-Drama titled If You Say Wish alongside Ji Chang Wook and Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung. The series is inspired by the Netherlands charity Ambulance Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to terminally ill patients and will premiere sometime in 2022.

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