Hailing from the state of Colorado, Skylar is a bilingual Korean American writer and a longtime fan of K-Pop. Having fallen in love with K-Pop in the heyday of Shinhwa and g.o.d and become a true fan upon Girls’ Generation’s debut, Skylar brings her extensive experience with the K-Entertainment scene to the table in each article. Skylar is excited to bring news from all over the K-Pop world to fans just like her.
Rookie National Basketball Player Goes Viral For His Handsome Actor-Like Visuals

Netizens think he resembles Seo Kang Joon!

Actor Kim Woo Bin Is Back Looking Happier And More Dapper Than Ever At A Watch Event

Look at that smile!

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She wanted to share her body profile photos.

TWICE’s Sana And (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Prove That Two Pretty Best Friends Do Exist

They are the living proof.

Korean Film “Everglow” Makes Headlines For 33-Year Age Gap Between The Two Leads

They will be playing lovers.

“Penthouse 3” Receives Backlash For Its Excessive Product Placement

Viewers think it was “too obvious.”

Gary’s Wife Garners Heavy Attention For Resembling A-List Actress Lim Soo Jung

Their smiles are eerily similar!

“True Beauty” Artist Yaongyi Slams Tummy Tuck Rumors While Flaunting Her 22-Inch Waist

“People ask me if I got a tummy tuck and honestly, that’s a rude question.”

TWICE’s Jihyo, Momo, And Nayeon Stuns With Their Unreal Visuals And Body Proportions

“This trio is perfect.”