Actor Won Bin could have made his debut with H.O.T

Can you imagine what would have happened if actor Won Bin chose a different path and made his debut as an idol instead?

On the TvN show The List 2016, Won Bin revealed interesting facts about his past. According to the actor, he planned to be a car mechanic due to his interests in car racing when he was young. However, when he was preparing for his career, in high school, he was recruited to a professional talent agency.

Under the talent agency, he received vocal training and auditioned for H.O.T, SM Entertainment‘s new boy group. Unfortunately, he got turned down because his gentle image did not fit the group’s powerful concept. Although his attempt was unsuccessful, joining the talent agency was a huge step towards his acting career. Instead of becoming an idol, he received further training and has become an award winning, well known, and overall successful actor.

He is known for his film such as Mother and Taegukgi, along with drama series such as, Friends and Autumn in my Heart. 

Source: Dispatch