Actor Yoo Ah In Discusses His Evolution As An Artist, His Health, And More

He continues to impress us all with his unique way of thinking.

Actor Yoo Ah In (of #Alive and Chicago Typewriter) recently promoted Balenciaga’s World Food Programme (WFP) 2021 Spring Collection for “Zero Hunger” in his pictorial with Arena Homme Plus, then sat down for an interview.

The first discussion was about his New Year’s resolution to quit smoking. As smoking is quite common in Korea, many were intrigued. He explained, “I smoked for such a long time that I never had the thought that I should quit. However, recently cigarettes stopped tasting as good, and smoking felt meaningless. I also think I craved some change.

It’s important to look healthy. I keep thinking about living a healthy and balanced life. Before, I used to find meaning in things that I could put physical work into. Now, I’ve accepted that I have one body and that there’s a limit to my stamina and mental health. Once I realized that I can’t push my physical and mental health, I began thinking about how to continue in good health. I think it’s natural. Isn’t there a difference between the worries we have in our twenties, thirties, and mid-thirties?

—Yoo Ah In

Although it’s only February, Ah In already has most of his work for the year planned out. He currently has two movies in process and shared an aspect he considers when choosing which project to go through with.

It’s the actor’s job to ensure the audience stays on the edge of their seats throughout a movie. Sometimes when a project is revealed, a prejudice or stereotype involving the actor may be created. As the number of projects you’ve been participated in increases, the more you think about how to not tire the audience. For an actor, being able to act out a variety of characters is to be revered. A movie runs for only about two hours, but an actor’s life is long.

—Yoo Ah In

Ah In added that he likes to choose a character that is natural or interesting to imagine.

In his upcoming movie, The Match, he will be playing Lee Chang Ho, a character based on professional Go player, Lee Chang Ho. It will tell the story of Lee Chang Ho and fellow legendary Go player Cho Hun Hyun (Lee Byung Hun) (based on Cho Hun Hyun) and how their lives revolve around the game of Go. “I watched a lot of documentaries featuring both players.” He commented.

Cho Hun Hyun and Lee Chang Ho are not only rivals but have a teacher-student relationship. Ah In was asked if he had ever had a mentor.

When it comes to learning, I think it’s more important to want to learn in every moment than to look for someone that directly tells me something. I started working early on in my life and have met a variety of people. Thankfully, they were all sort of teachers to me. Even people who weren’t good examples can be sources of learning and incite sparks of change depending on how I decide to take it.

—Yoo Ah In

He finished by saying that he wishes to spend 2021 with fewer doubts, more self-love, and the courage to live his life unapologetically.

Source: Arena