How Actors Choi Woo Shik And Kim Da Mi Really Reacted To Their “Our Beloved Summer” Kiss Scenes While Filming

They had more than one.

One of the most famous Netflix K-Dramas at the moment is Our Beloved Summer, a romantic comedy featuring Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik as high school sweethearts who reunited several years after their painful breakup.

Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik

By the end of the eighth episode, the two already shared numerous kiss scenes. And while they were undeniably sweet, the behind the scenes footage showed that they were most praise-worthy for being professional.

They made sure to spend most of the time leading up to the big kiss scenes by thinking about how to shoot them best.

They didn’t look over even the smallest detail such as how to best hold an umbrella prop so everything would come out perfect.

No matter how many times they shot a kiss scene, they weren’t nervous at all.

At the same time, the actors were still sweet and lighthearted while filming. They teased each other and laughed whenever they made mistakes.

I pulled her too hard. Da Mi’s front teeth almost came out.

— Choi Woo Shik

Even their conversations about work had a tinge of playfulness that would make any fan swoon!

Don’t grab my collar like this.

— Choi Woo Shik

Likely thanks to their history of being friends while working with each other in the past, both Da Mi and Woo Shik were obviously comfortable in each other’s presences.

Their chemistry is undeniable! Check out the full video below to see it for yourself.

Source: YouTube