Here’s Why Actors Love Filming Historical K-Dramas, According To Kim Woo Bin

“I heard from my fellow actors that…”

When it comes to Korean historical dramas, viewers aren’t the only ones who get enjoyment from them.

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Actor Kim Woo Bin recently shared a perk that actors enjoy while filming the time-specific scenes.

Kim Woo Bin | @____kimwoobin/Instagram

During his interview with Esquire Korea, a fan asked which character Kim Woo Bin wanted to play if he ever starred in a historical drama. He based his answer on what he’d heard from fellow actors.

Since actors sometimes have to film summer scenes in the winter, Kim Woo Bin revealed that the costumes for historical dramas kept them from suffering in the cold. In fact, there was a specific role that had the best “warm clothes.

The actor in the “high-class role” was always the warmest. Kim Woo Bin laughed when answering, “So if I were to do it, I would like to play someone who has a high social status.

While wearing such warm costumes might be a blessing in the cold weather, it might be a bit of a curse if they film in the summer. See Kim Woo Bin share the perk that actors love about historical costumes.