Actress Go Min Si Talks About Filming “Sweet Home” And Her Future Goals

This actress will surely make it big!

Actress Go Min Si recently sat down to speak with Marie Claire Korea in an interview! She first discussed her character in the popular horror K-Drama Sweet Home, Lee Eun Yoo, an injured former ballerina.

She surprised everyone when she explained that at her first audition, she auditioned for the characters Park Yoo Ri (the crossbow-wielding caregiver played by Go Yoon Jung) and Yoon Ji Soo (the guitarist played by Park Gyu Young). She had her heart set on the role of Park Yoo Ri, but the director said that she should try for Lee Eun Yoo’s character. A week later, she was surprised when she got a call from the director to pick up her script. When she went to receive her script, she was stunned yet again when she saw her Love Alarm co-actor, Song Kang.


I thought about Eun Yoo’s character deeply. Her way of talking is aggressive and she is bad at expressing her feelings, so I was worried that the audience would be uncomfortable. But as the story progressed and her relationships evolved, I realized that I could bring out her personality better if I really tried. I wanted to show that she is not a one-dimensional character and that there is always a reason for her tantrums.

—Go Min Si



Min Si explained that the director, Lee Eung Bok, helped her a lot when she was trying to understand her character as she often talked with him. She really wanted to make her three-dimensional.

The story originally had Eun Hyuk as the adopted son. We later changed it to have Eun Yoo be the adopted daughter. In the scene where Eun Yoo rips her ballet clothes, the script didn’t have her cry but I thought that she would be overwhelmed with feelings. Luckily, the director captured that moment well, and I think the scene helped make her more convincing.

—Go Min Si


Min Si happily remembers some unforgettable moments she had on set, like hitting the last, the first day of filming, and performing ballet on a hot day with many props.


As for the future, Min Si is again working with Lee Eung Bok and writer Kim Eun Hee in the upcoming drama Mount Jiri (Cliffhanger). After that, she will begin filming for Youth of May. She mentioned, “I want to be an actress that switches back and forth. I want to be an actress that hears, ‘I think Go Min Si’s acting is interesting.’” She said that her upcoming characters will be significantly different than Eun Yoo so fans may not even recognize her. Afterward, she said that she would like to try an independent character, especially one who starts from the bottom and works hard to achieve their dreams.


She ended the interview with a quote from Julianne Moore, “I think imperfections are important, just as mistakes are important. You only get to be good by making mistakes, and you only get to be real by being imperfect.

Min Si said, “There is no person that doesn’t fear failure or criticism. This quote gives me hope that I may be imperfect until the end, but it’s enough to try to live a life without fear despite that.

Source: Marie Claire Korea