Actress Han Hyo Joo Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Of Hollywood Life

She’s in Hollywood filming a Jason Bourne spin-off drama.

Actress Han Hyo Joo released an update about her everyday life in Hollywood. The photo, captioned “First meeting for @treadstone”, showed her against the backdrop of a Hollywood street, showing off her natural charms.

Hyo Joo, who shared a picture from the set, is filming the drama Treadstone for the USA Network, which is a spin-off of the movie Jason Bourne. The premise of the story focuses on a black ops program called “Operation Treadstone”, which is a covert program that uses behavior-modification to turn recruits into superhuman assassins.

Hyo Joo will be playing a sleeper-agent named SoYun.

To see Hyo Joo in action as SoYun, watch the promotional video below:

Source: kstyle