Actress Han So Hee’s Past Struggles With Poverty Come To Light

It’s a Cinderella story.

Actress Han So Hee may look as if she’s always lived a glamorous life, but her reality is far from it. Her “Cinderella” past was revealed through various news reports.

Han So Hee, who majored in the arts, decided to switch careers and pursue acting at a young age. When she moved to Seoul at the tender age of 20, she only had 300,000 KRW ($243 USD) in her pocket.

She found a job in a bar and worked every day until the sun rose, struggling to make ends meet. She lived like this for over a year.

She slowly began making a name for herself in SNS, gaining more and more followers as the months passed by. In 2016, she was cast in SHINee‘s music video for “Tell Me What To Do”.

Her modeling career took off, with her extensive portfolio including contact lenses, cosmetics, mobile games, and Ritz crackers.

Eventually, her hard work paid off and she began landing bigger roles on TV. She has starred in dramas Money Flower, Abyss, and 100 Days My Prince. But it was in The World Of The Married where she made her big breakthrough.

Since then, she has had lead roles in Nevertheless, My Name, and Soundtrack #1 along with a future work in Gyeongseong Creature. It’s safe to say she has definitely moved on from her past now!