Actress Jung Ryeowon Shows Off Her Impressive Shoe Closet

It’s a shoe galore in there!

Actress Ryeowon revealed her grand closet in a recent Instagram post.

She shared two pictures of herself on February 15, with floor to ceiling drawers behind her. Looking proud of her show and hat closet, she mentioned her joy in the caption.

The weather is so nice. Is that why you look so happy?

– Jung Ryeowon

A variety of shoes were carefully stored behind her, ranging from roller blades to high heels and sneakers. The value of her closet is estimated to be worth thousands of dollars.

Jung Ryeowon made her mark in the acting world through the drama My Name Is Kim Sam-soon. She has since starred in dramas History of a Salaryman, Witch At Court, and Prosecutor Civil War.

Source: Nate