Actress Kang Min Ah Talks About Her “True Beauty” Character And Co-Stars

We can’t wait to see what else this actress has to offer!

True Beauty actress Kang Min Ah recently sat down for an interview with @star1 magazine to talk about the hit webtoon adaptation.

Min Ah began by talking about her character Choi Soo Ah by saying that she feels she is 30 percent synchronized with her character.

The director expressed that he wanted Choi Soo Ah to be a popular student since she is a bubbly character.

—Kang Min Ah

She also mentioned her co-stars and that she enjoyed that they were all a similar age (23-30).

The director set up a time so the actors could get to know each other before filming. We found the same things funny, so we were able to get along quickly. I began acting when I was a child, so I was never able to go on school trips. It made me happy that I could make memories with the actors when filming the school trip scene.

—Kang Min Ah

To finish the interview, Min Ah made a comment regarding the current pandemic, “I hope things get better so that I can have a fan meeting to meet fans up close and talk with them.

The actress is currently preparing for her next webtoon university adaptation, Seen from a Distance, Green Spring with Park Ji Hoon and Lee Shin Young as her co-stars.

Source: The Daily Sports