Actress Kiki Sukezane Shares Her Recovery Progress After Surgery To Remove Tumor

Get well soon, Kiki!

America-based Japanese actress Kiki Sukezane, best known for her roles as Katana Girl on Heroes Reborn and as Yuko on The Terror, had an acoustic nerve tumor (vestibular schwannoma) and underwent surgery to deal with it.

As a result of her surgery, she developed partial facial paralysis as a side effect. Kiki has been documenting her facial nerve progress, with the third video in her Instagram post being the most recent.

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videos of my facial nurve progress first week→second week→and third week(last video is the newest face) I had a Acoustic nerve tumor(Vestibular schwannoma) and had a surgery about a month ago, and I got Facial paralysis after the surgery as a side effect. It'll take time to get fully recovered, so I decided to post my facial records. so It'll be good memories😏👍 約1ヶ月前に 聴神経腫瘍 摘出手術。術後 顔面麻痺が出まして、治るまでに チョビッと時間が掛かりそうです。 顔面麻痺になり 同じ症状になった人のブログの情報やソーシャルメディアに、私自身 救われたので 投稿する事にしました😏👍 1番はじめのビデオが術後1周目、次が 2週目、最後が1番最新の顔でござります。 ちょっと眉毛がピクっと動いてきた気がします。😏👍 期間限定 顔面麻痺 絵文字↓ 😏😜😘🤪😗😙😚🤨🥴 #聴神経腫瘍#顔面麻痺

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The videos Kiki bravely shared are shocking as you can see her trying her best to pull silly faces at the camera, with half not moving at all. Even when she blinks, only one eye closes! At just three weeks post-surgery, her facial exercises appear to be paying off as there is slight movement on the palsy side of her face.

Kiki is keeping a positive attitude throughout and is looking forward to being fully recovered, saying that the video records of her face will become good memories in the future.

Let’s all send Kiki good vibes and hope she recovers completely soon! 💖