Actress Kim Sung Ryung Reveals Why She Once Felt “Jealous” Of Park Shin Hye

The reason might surprise you.

During an episode of Happy Together, actress Kim Sung Ryung revealed that she once felt “jealous” of Park Shin Hye.

Kim Sung Ryung

Park Shin Hye

Kim Sung Ryung and Park Shin Hye were castmates on the K-Drama The Heirs.

However, when Kim Sung Ryung’s sons watched The Heirs, they only paid attention to parts with Park Shin Hye and had no interest in parts that featured their mother.

One of Kim Sung Ryung’s sons was such a fan of Park Shin Hye that he got Park Shin Hye’s phone number from Kim Sung Ryung’s phone and texted her saying, “I’m Kim Sung Ryung’s son“.

Here’s the full video below!