Actress Lee Da Hee Discusses Her Self-Image, Dating, And More

Da Hee’s honesty is always so refreshing!

On the January 31 episode of My Ugly Duckling, actress Lee Da Hee made an appearance as a guest MC with the panel of celebrity moms, instantly gaining energy from her presence.

Host Shin Dong Yup playfully asked her what she thought of her looks. Da Hee cautiously shyly answered, “I do think I’m pretty, based on my own standards. I think I have a vibe that kids like these days.” When asked if she didn’t like something about her appearance, she honestly said that she had a problem with her broad shoulders.

The hosts later asked her if she would make the first move when finding a man that she thought was attractive. She easily said, “Yes, since I might regret not asking later. I’m usually good at expressing my feelings.

As for the type of man she prefers, Da Hee wants an expressive man.

I like people who are good at expressing their feelings. I feel like people who have received love know how to express it, and I believe that’s important.

—Lee Da Hee

Lastly, she was asked who she thought would get married first out of the cast.

I feel like [Kim] Jong Kook would probably be the first. He thinks a lot about his parents’ feelings and I think that would push him to give them grandchildren.

—Lee Da Hee

Kim Jong Kook’s mother hilariously commented, “My son needs to get married soon.