Actress Lee Mi Do Goes Viral For Her Hilarious Instagram Posts Featuring Her Son

Parent goals.

Recently, netizens have come across actress Lee Mi Do‘s Instagram account. Her account features posts of her and her son, in which she showcases how she does activities of leisure while taking care of her child.

For example, she shows how she manages to exercise with her child. Her kid is seen on a stroller when her mom does various forms of exercise, like running up stairs, cartwheels, basketball, and push ups.

She also posts photos showing the two spending time together and relaxing, like swimming. Her photos series how she tries to take aesthetically pleasing babies while she also takes care of her lil baby!

Of course, she brings her baby places where he’ll enjoy too. Check out these photos of her modelling In a ball pit with her tot… only to be ambushed by the other toddlers!

One thing is for sure: though the mom is nearing the age of 40, she’s still as cool as ever!

Source: Pann