Actress Lim Ji Yeon Spills On Why Actor Park Hae Jin Can’t Find A Girlfriend

“She acted like she was going to introduce a nice girlfriend [to me].”

Actress Lim Ji Yeon is currently starring in The Killing Vote alongside her co-star Park Hae Jin. The two have formed such a close friendship that they know a bit about each other’s love lives off-screen.

Park Hae Jin and Lim Ji Yeon in “The Killing Vote.”

As a result, Lim Ji Yeon knew exactly why Park Hae Jin hasn’t found a girlfriend yet—despite being such a handsome, successful actor in his early forties.

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As the two answered fan questions for Allure Korea magazine, one fan wanted to know how they could date Park Hae Jin. The actor said there was “nothing special” they needed to do to win his heart. However, Lim Ji Yeon disagreed.

Although Lim Ji Yeon mouthed the words, “He has a high standard,” the man in question already knew what she was saying.

That’s when Park Hae Jin revealed that Lim Ji Yeon offered to help him meet someone. He said, “She acted like she was going to introduce a nice girlfriend [to me]. She forgot again.

Lim Ji Yeon explained why she offered to set him up with a girlfriend. Since she’s in a relationship with actor Lee Do Hyun, she simply wants Park Hae Jin to have someone by his side to enjoy life with as well.

It looks like he’s just working out alone. I wanted him to meet a nice girl. I wanted to see him in a relationship, as a sister.

— Lim Ji Yeon

See the two talk about Park Hae Jin’s love life—or lack of one.