Actress Moon Geun Young Breaks Down Crying, Confesses She Used To Hate Herself

She couldn’t hate others, so she hated herself instead.

Actress Moon Geun Young confessed what it’s like to live a life as an actress and broke down in tears explaining how it’s like to always be judged by others.

Moon Geun Young appeared on EBS Knowledge Channel e and shared her struggles and experiences of being an actress.

She started acting when she was only 12 and has been acting for 20 years now. During the interview, she was asked how it was like to grow up always being judged by others.

“The scariest thing is that when I meet someone, it is my first time seeing them, but they think they know me. They easily say that I am different from how they thought of me. They don’t know me but they still judge me and compliment or criticize me based on their ideas on who I am.”

— Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun Young continued and revealed how she protects herself from such criticisms.

“To protect myself from getting hurt from what others say to me, I just think ‘people are always like that’. I wondered why people like to judge quickly. I think it’s because they are busy. I don’t think they have the time to spend on understanding others.”

— Moon Geun Young

In addition, the interviewer brought up on of her past interviews. She was asked if she ever hated anyone, and 21-year-old Moon Geun Young said she hated herself. She broke into tears talking about the time she spent hating herself.

“I no longer hate myself. I had so many ‘others’ in my life. ‘Others’ who had so much influence in my life. It would have been easier if I just hated them. But I couldn’t, so I hated myself. But now, things have changed and I am becoming more comfortable with myself and I feel better.

— Moon Geun Young

Lastly, she added that she wants to live her life prioritizing herself rather than feeling bad for how others think of her.

“From now, rather than being influenced by what others tell me, I want to think, feel and just live as me.”

— Moon Geun Young

Watch the full interview with Moon Geun Young below.