Actress Park Min Young Shares Her Honest Opinion On Personality VS Looks In A Relationship

Do you agree with her opinion?

A variety of things go into what can make a romantic relationship successful, but according to actress Park Min Young, there is one thing that matters above all else.

Actress Park Min Young

Earlier this year, Park Min Young starred alongside Song Kang in the JTBC original drama, Forecasting Love and Weather. In the drama, Min Young plays a diligent weather forecaster who experiences relationship difficulties.

Song Kang (left) and Park Min Young (right) on the flyer for Forecasting Love and Weather.  | JTBC

While promoting the drama, Park Min Young, Song Kang, and their co-stars Yoon Bak and Yura recorded a special interview with YouTube channel The Swoon where they gave advice to fans on their relationship dilemmas.

The four hilariously were conflicted on a variety of issues, but all shared the same response in regards to one fan’s question. This fan shared that they were having romantic feelings for someone she began working closely with and had even begun to make plans with outside of work.

The twist in this fan’s story is that neither the fan nor their crush had seen each other’s faces without a mask and wondered if it mattered in the long run ultimately because she felt “butterflies” without having ever seen his face. The fan was also insecure about how she looks without a mask on.

| The Swoon/YouTube

Min Young first commented that the fan and their crush’s relationship was kind of like “falling for each other through online chatting back in the days.” Her three co-stars agreed with her sentiment and all voted for sunny skies meaning all signs point to yes.

| The Swoon/YouTube

| The Swoon/YouTube

Min Young shared more of her feelings on the subject of personality vs looks in a relationship after voting.

I feel that, the more you age, the more you focus on their thoughts, their personality, and the flow of the conversation you have with them…rather than their physical looks. When you meet, you’ll enjoy talking to him.

— Park Min Young

| The Swoon/YouTube

You can check out the full video below: